Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Preventive Maintenance


American Plant Maintenance, Inc. offers servicing on site of heat exchangers to improve efficiency and allow better control of process.


Scope of Work

  • Drain the Heat Exchanger to remove accumulated sediment, heat exchange medium and allow for visual inspection


  • Pre-Inspection consists of a pressure test that allows us to confirm that the tube bundle is tight and worth cleaning.  It also gives us the opportunity for photo documentation of the heat exchangers before cleaning. During the pre-inspection we also look for large deficiencies which would require disassembly and repair or replacement.


  • Cleaning of the heat exchange surface happens in place, and generally does not require disassembly. Biodegradable cleaning and descaling chemicals are circulated, gently dissolving mud, scale and other contaminants.


  • Flushing the heat exchanger with fresh water removes the chemical along with any contaminants.  This is disposed of and the heat exchange surfaces are rinsed clean.


  • Post inspection allows for an “after” condition to be documented before the heat exchanger is buttoned up. We also perform an additional leak test to make sure that the tube bundle remains sound.


Following this procedure, the heat exchangers will be put online according to each individual facility’s instructions.

A detailed formal report outlining findings and recommendations as well as full inventory of the heat exchangers is the deliverable of any heat exchanger maintenance project. The report includes all of the items above and is available electronically, hard copy or both.